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Once upon a child

…I had many brilliant thoughts and ideas but wasn’t good in expressing myself because I had some kind of phobia for crowd.

I wouldn’t have minded secretly expressing them (my thoughts and ideas) and seeing the beautiful ripple effects they would create, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t necessary amongst other lies I told myself.

My parent tried encouraging me the best way they could but the fear of failing had a strong grip on me. I also believed that I didn’t know enough to share with anyone so I depended on buying into other people’s ideas, thoughts and visions and trying to do things their way.

I chose to sing other people’s songs just like them, walk in a certain manner like my role models and do things just like others because I believed they knew a lot to be “THE STANDARD,” but I was very wrong.

It took a lot of right teachings and mentoring to come out of that pit. As time went on and I advanced in age, many things became clearer to me.

You see friends, God made us differently on purpose. YOU are the only YOU like YOU. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be another. You can only be a better or a worse you…Read more

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– John 1:1

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