creative writing


There once lived a boy named Max. His parent were very wealthy and they provided everything Max ever wanted. This made Max spoilt and disrespectful.

One day when Max was in school, one of his teachers advised him to stop his bad behavior, but instead of listening to the teacher he insulted the teacher and walked out on the teacher without listening to whatever the teacher had to say.

Another day, a teacher flogged him in school because he did not do his assignment and in the process, mistakenly injured Max. Max took it as an opportunity to frame the teacher.

After school, Max went home and told his parents that a teacher flogged him mercilessly and wounded him for something he did not do. Max’s parent were extremely angry so the next day, they followed him to school and arrested the teacher. The teacher tried to explain to Max’ parents but they did not listen to him.

Unfortunately for Max, few month after the incident in school his parent died and Max was heartbroken. He wept bitterly because he missed his parent so much that he felt like dying. The world was nothing to him anymore. He was the only one in his parent’s mansion and he had to do everything himself like sweep the house and wash the plates. From that day on, it was Max’s turn to be mocked and insulted in school.  People mockingly said to him, “Where are your parents now to arrest us?”

Max regretted ever been arrogant to his teachers and his fellow students. “I wish I had not been rude and disrespectful,” he said to himself regretfully, “I wish I had  listened to my teacher. I would have been consoled instead of been mocked.”



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