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In the beginning, there lived an animal named tortoise. Tortoise was wise and deceitful, poor but likes the princess of the animal kingdom.

The princess was beautiful and special to her father, the king of the animal kingdom. Tortoise wishes to marry her but he doesn’t have money to. Tortoise taught of this often.

One day, tortoise remembered that his friend elephant was rich and decided to borrow a huge amount of money so that he could marry the princess and be the richest in the kingdom except the king.

Tortoise told elephant, “I need a huge amount of money,” and elephant gave tortoise money to use for anything he wanted and tortoise thanked elephant then went home to count the money. He found out that it was a billion dollars. Tortoise was happy and taught in his mind, “Now I can marry the princess.”

Elephant wished to marry the princess of the kingdom that night because he realized he had the money to, so he decided that the following morning, he would go to the palace to propose to the princess, because of this, elephant slept excitedly.

Elephant went to the palace the next morning to propose to the princess. When elephant entered the palace and met the king, he said to the king, “I want to marry your daughter.” The king answered, “I’m sorry you can’t marry my daughter.” Elephant asked the king, “Why can’t I marry the princess?” and the king replied, “Another animal  named tortoise came to ask for her hand in marriage.” Elephant did not agree to the king’s saying then the king set a competition of swimming, dancing, singing and race.

Tortoise won the swimming, dancing and race competition and still elephant did not accept, then the king said to both of them, “This is the last competition I will be setting, and whosoever losses will not marry my daughter.”

The next day, tortoise set a trap at the position where elephant is going to stand during the fighting competition. As soon as they start the match, elephant stood where the trap was and fall into it. Tortoise won the match, got married to the princess and became the prince of the animal kingdom.

Tortoise was happy while his friend elephant was angry and promised himself never to be friends with tortoise and also never to give tortoise any of his things forever.

Months later, the king died and tortoise bore four children. Tortoise became king of the animal and the princess was crowned as queen of the kingdom. They both named their children Silver, Gold, Drew and Grey.


MORAL LESSONS:  Don’t be angry even when your friend gets married to who you wish to marry. Be willing to assist your friend or anyone. Don’t give up. Be happy even when you don’t marry who you want to marry. Believe in God’s word. Don’t set up your friend or anyone. Don’t lose hope in the LORD. Don’t depend on human being. Be rich in the LORD. When you become rich always pay your tithe. Don’t betray your friend or anyone. Have a good friend who can influence you positively.



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