Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Daniel. He was an intelligent boy who loved to read his books, do his assignment and paying attention   to his class teacher. Daniel continued with his good behavior till he entered JSS3 and when he wrote his JSSCE he came out with flying colours.

Daniel entered SSS1, he had a friend named Austin. Austin was a bad boy who loved insulting people and hated reading his books or doing his assignment.  Austin was slowly influencing Daniel and soon Daniel followed his friend’s footsteps and started insulting people. He no longer does his assignment or read his books.

One day, one of his teachers scolded him for not doing his assignment and told him that he was slowly changing his character and was misbehaving. Daniel hissed at the teacher and the teacher got angry and asked him to kneel down. He knelt down angry and the class started praising him. When the teacher left the class his classmate continued hailing and chanting praises on him.

Daniel entered SSS3 and his WAEC exams was fast approaching. Daniel became worried because he no longer read his books as he ought to while his best friend Austin was not worried. A week to the exam Daniel told Austin that he was worried about the upcoming exam, Austin laughed and told Daniel that he should not be worried that he has already hired people to come and help them write the exam and all he needed to do was to travel to Lagos to call them. Daniel smiled at him and they praised each other and left for their different homes.

Two days to the WAEC exams, Daniel was worried because Austin had not return from Lagos and he did not prepare for the exam. He tried to read but couldn’t because he was already used to playing and did not enjoyed reading his books anymore.

When the first day of the WAEC exams came, Daniel had no choice but to write it without preparing. He thought his school will bribe the Invigilators to give them answer like some other schools does but that never happened.

Throughout the exam period, Austin did not come back from Lagos. Daniel was heartbroken when he found out that Austin was not going to come back from Lagos and he failed his WAEC exams woefully with “F9” in all his subjects.

Daniel wept for days without eating anything and he locked himself inside his room. He told himself that he will never make or trust a friend like Austin again so he started reading his books again and promised himself not to ever depend on examination malpractice.



  1.  Do not depend on people to pass your exam.
  2. Do not keep bad friends.
  3. Always read your books.
  4. Do not do examination malpractice.

Benedict Adams


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