There live a girl. she was very clever and smart but very lackadaisical. Every time her mother will sit her down at the lovely evening sky and say, “The sky holds the stars, if the sky was lazy all the stars would fall.” In the daytime, her mother would say, “The soil holds the blooming flowers, if the soil was lazy all the flowers will loose their beauty.”

These never bordered the girl until one day, the young woman grew old and her daughter was old enough to work but had no job neither was she married. As she grew so did her laziness. She was in a dilemma whether to face the embarrassment of living with her mother or to starve while living alone. She took a long time to depart from home.

Her kind mother gave her three pearls while she was leaving but she only thought of buying clothes and partying with friends. “I’m going to buy that choker because every girl has it,” she said. She bought dresses, went to clubs and soon enough all her monies ran out. She wept on the street then an old woman met her, she had sympathy for the girl so she gave her a job.

She felt a tingling sense of laziness. Whenever she was asked to wash plates, she will hide, break the plates, throw them away and blame the babies. “The babies threw the plates and smashed them,” and believing her, the old woman will always buy new plates. The other maids found out. When they try to tell the old woman, she will not believe.

One day, the old woman saw her breaking plates. She flogged her and threw her out of the house and the girl ran away into the woods.

Moral: Never be lazy

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