Once upon a time there lived a boy named Michael; he was loyal, hardworking, honest and obedient. His parents loved him. Michael prefers working than sitting at home doing nothing and also does his house chores.

At the age of 3, Michael was registered in school. When he resumed school he was the most brilliant child in his school and his parents were proud of him.

He graduated from secondary school into the university and when he was in 100 levels, his parent brought gifts for him on a Saturday. Michael told his parent that his exams were at the corner and his parents told him to prepare very well to pass his exams. Michael studied and passed his exams, Michael was happy. Michael finished his university, did his masters, served and got his certificate.

Five month later, Michael looked for a job in a designer’s company. The next day, Michael went for an interview and got the job. He was very happy. Michael told his parent and his parent celebrated him. The next day, Michael went to work and went to his boss’ office. His boss asked Michael what his name was and Michael answered, ‘‘My name is Mr. Michael Obi.’’ And his boss introduced himself by saying, ‘‘My name is Mr. Joshua Fred, your boss; you will obey whatever I say,” and Michael replied, “Okay sir”.

One day, Michael went to work and his boss called him and said, “Design 50 books” and Michael obeyed his boss. The next day, Michael submitted the 50 books and his boss was happy. Michael went home happily and prepared for the next day’s work.

The next morning, Michael’s boss called Michael into his office and Mr. Joshua, his boss, said to him, “Because of your obedience and loyalty you are been promoted.” Everyone celebrated Michael. Michael went home happy and told his parents about his experience. His parent celebrated him and they rejoiced. Michael went to work the next day and his boss celebrated him.


Clarence Adams


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