The big race was tomorrow and oh! If Charlie wasn’t that slow, what could he do.

Kevin the fastest and the bossiest person was so proud that he would win everyone.

Charlie’s dad was an inventor and a scientist so Charlie told his dad he wanted to be fast. Charlie’s dad made him some shoes that had electricity and speed. That night, Charlie practiced with it.

The next morning, at the big race, Kevin, Charlie and the other contestants were confident that they would win. Charlie looked at his father and believed he would win.

Ready! Set! Go! They all rushed off in speed. Kevin was in the lead; Charlie ran as fast as he could, passed Kevin and won the race.

Kevin was angry like a bull; he cried bitterly shouting “No! No! It can’t be! Oh no! Oh no!” Charlie ignored him.

People cheered for Charlie and he was declared the winner of the race.

Morals: Don’t be too full of yourself.

Story by Michelle.



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