Once upon a time, there lived a lady named Carol. She was very beautiful and was the woman that every man wanted as a wife. She is an educated person with good grades.

One day Carol went to the shopping mall, where she saw a young man called Collins. They both exchanged contacts and left the mall. Carol was overwhelmed with joy and she decided to share the story with her parents. Four months later, Carol got married to Collins and they were very happy together.

Collins got promoted in his office and he was given an assignment to Canada for a particular project for seven months.  When Carol heard the news she was very happy for such an opportunity, then Collins also told her that, he will be staying in Canada for seven months Carol became sad but she had to endure. The next morning Collins left for Canada.

Three weeks later, Carol became sick and she visited the hospital, the doctor ran a test on her and confirmed that she was pregnant. She was very happy and decided to inform her husband immediately. Collins was also very happy when he heard the news. Seven months later Carol was preparing for the arrival of her beloved husband, unfortunately for her he did not come back that day and also did not call her, so she became very worried and restless. The next day she heard a knock on the door with a smile on her face. She opened the door, there she saw two policemen who had come to console her. They told her that her husband died in a plane crash. It was a shocking news and immediately Carol collapsed and she was rushed to the hospital. Her mum rushed to the hospital to take good care of her daughter. Two months later on the sixteenth of June, Carol gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she named her Jennifer.

Carol gave her daughter anything she asked for. She taught she was training the child mean while she over pampered the child. Jennifer was very sharp and grew into a beautiful damsel.

When Jennifer got to SS2 she got influenced by bad friends who advised her to have a boyfriend  and she was lured in to the act.  Jennifer developed the attitude of staying out late and clubbing, she was growing wild and she became uncontrollable. Many people saw that the descent Jennifer was turning into something else and they advised Carol to hold her child but everything they said fell on deaf ears, Carol did not pay attention to them. They felt humiliated and left. Jennifer continued in her bad ways.

One day, Jennifer was feeling dizzy and decided to visit the hospital and the doctor confirmed her pregnant.  She was scared and decided not to tell anyone including her mum. She took a drastic decision and made up her mind to abort the pregnancy. The doctor advised her not to because she was too tender but she replied him arrogantly. The doctor had no option but to do it.

After the abortion Jennifer was in pains and was bleeding seriously, the doctor had to call her mum. When Carol heard it, she rushed to the hospital but before she could get there, poor Jennifer had passed on. Carol cried and cried but all to no avail.

Alexis Adams


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