There lived a man named Slendon. He was really a rich man with a mansion as big as a mountain right in the middle of the town. Slendon got invited to parties from only the richest people.

One night, Slendon was asleep when he heard a bang on his door. It went “BANG!” The bang continued for a long time, and finally Slendon got out of bed and answered the door with a loud voice “What!” The mailman was so scared he fled like a chicken, but he left Slendon’s mail. Slendon opened the mail, to his surprise he was invited to a club.

He went following the address of the club on the mail. When he got to the place, he was surprised and disappointed because what he saw wasn’t what he was expecting.  He saw a shabby, red broken down house. Slendon went into the building, not knowing it was a criminal hangout. When he went in, he saw a target board filled with bullets, and a man named Ricky.

Ricky tried to shoot Slendon, but missed his shot. Quickly Slendon called the police. When the police got to the building, they arrested Slendon not knowing he was the one who called them. They arrested him and took him to their cell. Few days later he was released.

Slendon made a promise to himself never to go for any party again.



Story by Nicholson.



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