“Wow! What a beautiful house we have here,” said Peter, who lived in a cottage. The house was made of good wooden sticks and had the finest windows, chairs and glass table.

One day, Peter’s mother fell sick. He hurried to call someone who could take care of his mum, but he only found a doctor. The doctor said to him, “There is nothing I can do.”

Peter was petrified that his mother would die and nobody will take care of him. His mother said to him, “Before I die, you will get married to the woman who lives close to our house.” Peter didn’t want to argue with her, so he did what his mum asked of him.

Few days after the burial of his mother, he didn’t like his wife anymore. This was because anything he told his wife, she will tell her friends.

One day, Peter went far away from home because he needed a break. On his way back home, close to where his mother was buried, he stepped into a large puddle of water. His feet kicked something hard, so he said to himself “There must be something in here.” Immediately he started digging, he found a pot of gold and shouted for joy. Suddenly he remembered that he could not take it home or tell his wife because she would tell everyone.

When Peter got home, he couldn’t keep the secret from his wife, therefore he told her about the pot of gold. Barely few days after Peter told his wife of his pot of gold, the king visited him.

The king asked him of his treasure, but Peter denied it. The king told him that his wife had told him everything. Peter felt betrayed. The king then advised Peter’s wife never to tell her husband’s secret to people anymore.

That day, after the king left, Peter sent his wife packing.

Moral: We should always keep our secrets to ourselves.

Story by Michelle Emeka Sunday



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