Jide was a stubborn, rude and spoilt child because his parent always gave him whatever he asked for and despite all he had, he was greedy and always wanted more. He insulted people who told him he was spoilt and should change his behavior and he also insulted people he felt he was higher than.

One fateful day when he came back from school, his saw his mother crying bitterly and he asked her what happened that made her cry. She sorrowfully told him that she was accused of stealing money from her office and she was fired. Just then, his father came back home earlier than before with a long face and Jide and his mother asked why he was home early and why he was sad. His father told them he was fired from his job.

Few weeks later, Jide’s father got a new job but it was not enough to take good care of them like his old job.  Jide been a lazy and greedy boy was not contented with his new life and his father’s new job and instead of looking for a job that will help him assist his parent and reduce their difficulties, Jide became an armed robber. He started smoking and he went into drugs but his parent did not know because Jide did all these in secret.

One day as Jide was robbing a house, the police found out so they entered the house to rescue the people. As Jide learnt the police officers were coming, he tried to escape. While he was running, one of the police officer  saw him and shouted, “STOP!!!” but Jide kept on running. The policeman had no choice than to shoot him and the bullet passed through Jide’s heart and he died.

The next day when his parent found out that their son was an armed robber and that he died in process of running away with the money he stole, their hearts were broken and they wept bitterly and regretted pampering him.


Benedict Adams


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