Linus was a very lazy squirrel and   he had the habit of gluttony. He preferred sitting in his small hole and watching other squirrels search for food. His friend Cole called him one morning and asked Linus to join him in search for food because winter was around the corner, but he refused. He sat at home, while Cole ran into the bush to search for food.

Linus continued his lazy attitude, and he spent the whole day sleeping. When he woke up, Cole came to visit him; he also brought some food for his friend. Linus became used to it and decided to sit in his house since there was someone assisting him and he never got tired of begging his friend for more food.

Two weeks later, Linus woke up and he found out that it was freezing, and then he went outside. When he got out, everywhere was cold. Yes it was the winter season and other squirrel were already hibernated.

Linus didn’t know what to do because, he didn’t store anything for the whole winter.


Alexis Adams


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