Long time ago in city far faraway, there lived a man named Douglas. Douglas was a kind man that loved helping people but he was poor. He search for a job and finally got one in a restaurant but his boss was mean to  him and paid him little.

An unfortunate day came when Douglas was fired from work because he was accused of stealing food from the restaurant and was giving it to people outside. Douglas pleaded with his boss and tried to convince him that it was a lie but his boss angrily fired him. He went home heart broken and frustrated.

The next day, Douglas heard a knock on the door and rush to open it because he thought it was his boss that had come to apologize and re- employ him but to his greatest surprise it was not. He saw two men in suits and they told him that he has been employed in a Coca-Cola company.

Douglas was astonish and confused then the men explained to him that they disguised themselves to look for a caring and honest worker. They told Douglas to resume the following week, Douglas was over joyed and silently said to himself, ‘‘Truly there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”



Benedict Adams


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