The Misunderstanding

Once upon a time, there lived two princesses named Rose and Lavender. They lived in America. Their parents’ names were Sunrise and Joseph. One day while they were coming back from school, they met a handsome Prince named Jesse. The Prince said, “I am looking for a beautiful princess to marry. When He found out they were both princesses he insisted on marry them.

He gave them two necklaces that were designed with the finest diamonds. He told them each necklace was magical; anything you want to own or have, it will give it to you. They both said thank you and went home.

When they got to the palace, they explained everything to their parents. Their parents said, ” You’re going to get married soon,” so they went shopping for the finest things for their wedding.

The day came and they found out they were not marrying the person they met. They became furious, broke the necklaces and stormed out of the room. The next day, they found out the person they wanted to marry was cruel, disrespectful, corrupted and didn’t like them but the person who wanted to marry them was kind, good caring, a child of God and he liked them. They became so disappointed.

Moral: Don’t rush always wait to know what is happening so that you will not feel sad or helpless. Don’t marry people you don’t know. The inside counts not the outside.  

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