Prince Ade of Ore land has come of age to marry so his father king Jide held a beauty contest for the maidens in the village. Any maiden that wins will become the wife of the future king of Ore land. It was a thing of joy for the people of Ore land.

A day to the contest, when Prince Ade was going to the stream to take his bath, he saw a beautiful girl named Bola passing by. He asked her what her named was and she replied politely. After much talk they both went their different ways.

The next day, all the girls wore beautiful attires and all they wanted was to gain fame. They were not contesting because they loved the Prince but because they wanted to be known as the future queen of Ore land. Bola wasn’t contesting because of the fame, she was contesting because she loved the Prince and wanted to marry him and the Prince loved her too.

When it was time for the contest, the girls performed and participated in different activities and it was time for the Prince to choose who he will take as his wife. He chose Bola. It was a thing of joy for Bola because she married the man she loved, so she became the future queen of Ore land. She proved to the girls that were mocking her that she was more than what they imaged.

Unfortunately, years after they were married Bola died when she was giving birth to her baby. When King Ade heard that his wife, Queen Bola was dead, he was heartbroken. He named his little daughter Jumoke and she was all he had. Because of that, he pampered her by giving her whatever she needed.

When Jumoke was fully matured and it was time for her to get married, people from different location with different body status; both fat and slim, short and tall, rich and poor, handsome and ugly, came to marry her because she was beautiful and everyone wanted to marry her, but she rejected them and they went back home shamefully.

The gods of the land got angry with Jumoke because she was slowly breaking the law of the land that her forefathers made and sown an oath not to break. If it was broken, disaster will strike.

King Ade knew about the law but he did not care because he believe to was a superstition and he didn’t want to offend his daughter, so he did not mind the consequences and they decided to punish her.

One of the gods had no body so he made himself appear as a handsome man. As soon as Jumoke set her eyes on him, she jumped to her feet, rushed to her father and told him that the man is the person she wants to marry. Her father accepted and she got married to the man. When they finished the wedding, Jumoke wanted to carry her things but he told her that there is no need that all she wanted was in his house, so Jumoke followed him.

On their way Jumoke asked him about the carriage that will carry them, he answered, “It is on it’s way,” so they kept on walking. As soon as it was night, the man changed to a head without a body Jumoke screamed and shouted for help but no one heard her. She shouted and shouted but no one heard her.

The head assigned a bird to watch Jumoke in case she tried to escape so it could alert him. Any time Jumoke tried to escape, the bird would alert him by shouting, “Head! Jumoke is trying to escape!” and the head would come rolling towards her.

Jumoke tried to escape but couldn’t. She cried and cried and she regretted not marrying one of the suitors that came to marry her.


Benedict Adams


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