Marcus the poor man had a neighbor who was rich but would never give money to the poor. The rich man worked so hard and saved a lot of money in his account. He withdrew some to do business while the poor man goes around looking for whom to report the rich man to.

One morning, the poor man went to the Mayor and reported the rich man to him. The mayor asked his messengers to bring the rich man. When the rich man arrived at the Mayor’s mansion, he said, “I am innocent, I did nothing wrong.” The poor man said, “He is stingy and does not give to the poor.” The other poor men who were invited to the mansion accused the rich man of being very stingy and said, “He has not been giving any of us money!” The rich man then taught the poor men the secret of his wealth and asked them to go and work just like him so that they could also make money.

The Mayor saw wisdom in what the rich man said and asked the poor men to do as the rich man had said. Days became months and month’s years; the poor man became rich and had enough to give to the poor. He became friends with his rich neighbor and thanked him for teaching him how never to be poor again.

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