The Race

One day, two friends named Joe and Rick were at the Club, preparing for the big race. Everybody was looking forward to the race. Suddenly a weird looking man came out of nowhere and said, “I am looking forward to the race.”

David the cheat said, “I will win all of you.” David did not even rest because he was sure he would win all the other racers. Joe was the smartest of them all. He was as smart as a crow, but as slow as a snail. He had no chance but he knew that David will cheat.

It was time for the race. Everybody was at the starting line saying, “Who will win the race?” “On your mark! Get Set! Ready! Phew!” went the whistle. They ran off. David skid off the road. The other racers were behind him and Joe was the last as usual. They reached the second lap, David became tired. He looked for a way to stop the other racers. He got a bucket filled with oil and poured the oil on the road. The other racers slipped on the oil and got injured, but Joe managed to get around it.

David was in the third lap. He was so tired that he decided to take a rest, as quiet as a mouse, Joe crept pass him and won the race. David screamed with anger “What! I lost to Joe! No! I want a rematch!” He went to plead with the judges for a rematch but the judges didn’t listen to him. The judges proudly gave Joe the trophy. He was glad, the trophy was as bright as the sun. “Yes! This is the best day ever! Yeah! Shouted Joe

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