Long time ago in the animal kingdom, there lived a cunny animal named Tortoise.

One morning tortoise met Elephant and told him that he was stronger than him. Elephant laughed at him and told him that he is too small and weak to be stronger than him. This made tortoise angry. “If you are really stronger than me let’s have a TUG OF WAR,” said tortoise.  Elephant agreed and they both went their separate ways.

Later that day, tortoise went to meet Hippopotamus and told him, ‘’I am stronger than you hippopotamus,” hippopotamus laugh at him and tortoise became angry and told him that they should have a tug of war, hippopotamus accepted the challenge.

When it’s time for the tug of war, tortoise told elephant to stay in the forest while he will stay near the river, elephant agreed and tortoise tied a long rope to elephant’s leg and took the rope to the river and tied it to hippopotamus and told him that if the rope shakes he should start pulling. When tortoise shook the rope, elephant and hippopotamus started pulling the rope till it spilted into two pieces.

Tortoise went to elephant and hippopotamus and started mocking them that they are stupid animals and told them that how can a small animal like him be stronger than them. This made them angry and they charge towards tortoise from both sides, fortunately, tortoise dodge and elephant and hippopotamus smash into themselves and tortoise escaped without any harm, from that day on,  elephant and hippopotamus became enemies with tortoise.


Benedict Adams


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