Long ago time, in the animal kingdom, there lived two animals that were friends and their names were cat and dog. Their friendship was so strong that when the dog killed an animal he will share it with the cat, and the cat did the same to the dog.

One day, a terrible famine stuck the land so the king called the high priest and asked him for the solution to the problem. The high priest told him that if they could find the golden apple and plant it in the land the famine would stop. The king immediately announced it to the other animal and asked for volunteers. Four animals volunteered and they were: tiger, leopard, dog, and cat. They all set out on their journey to find the golden apple.

On their way, an old animal was passing when tiger arrogantly push her aside; out of rage the animal changed to tiger unknown to tiger. The animal chop off tiger’s throat and tiger died. Out of fear the others ran. They ran and ran until they became tired and slept off.

The next day as they were walking leopard saw a dead cow and without sniffing, he started eating it unknown to cat and dog. After eating to his satisfaction he began feeling ill and then fell dead.

At the sight of this, dog and cat started running and later stopped under a tree, when they looked up they realized it was the golden apple tree. They were so excited. Dog asked cat to climb the tree and pluck one because he could not climb, cat pluck the fruit and gave it to dog who kept it in his bag.

The next day when dog was sleeping, cat stole the fruit and ran toward the palace leaving dog behind. When dog woke up and did not see cat and the fruit he knew that cat had betrayed him then he started running to the palace to tell everybody what happened but it was too late, cat had already married the daughter of the king.

Dog became very angry with cat and always chased him whenever their path crossed, from that day on they became enemies.

Benedict Adams


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