Caleb was a kind, caring, humble obedient, honest and handsome boy. He was not too tall but he was intelligent, loved reading his books and helping others who needed help concerning their books.

When Caleb entered Junior Secondary School [JSS1] he was influence by bad friends. Caleb started lying, stealing, became mean, disobedient, selfish and stubborn. He stopped reading his books and he stopped teaching others who did not understand what their teacher taught them, rather,  he started mocking them.

Whenever a teacher works into the class, Caleb pretends as though he is holy and loves reading the Bible. He acts as though he is a good boy, unknowingly to the teachers, Caleb has changed his character and has started mocking people, giving them nicknames like Bush bird, Sniper without bullet, Bazooka and Napo which means Pig.

One fateful day, as Caleb insulted a girl in his class, he was reported to the principal. Caleb lied and told the principal that he did not insult the girl, that the girl was lying. The teacher was confused and did not know who to believe so he went to the class and asked if it was true that Caleb insulted the girl. Caleb’s friends cover up for him and told a lie saying that Caleb did not insult the girl, that the girl was lying and the principle released Caleb and he went scot free without a punishment.

The teachers started noticing a changed character in Caleb’s behavior and students from his class were complaining about his attitude, that he was insulting them so one of the teacher called him and asked him what was happening to him that he changed his character and his classmates are complaining about him. Caleb pretended he was listening to the teacher’s advice and after the teacher finished talking, Caleb left the Staff Room, went back to his class and continued with his bad behavior.

On Tuesday, which was the 25th of June, the French teacher was teaching, she said something that sounded like “Caleb Rotten” and the whole class including his friends started laughing at him and calling him, “Caleb Rotten.” Caleb started crying and the class increased their laughter. The more he cried the more he was laughed at and mocked.

When he was done crying, he regretted mocking people and he regretted not listening to the teacher’s advice.


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Benedict Adams


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