One sunny day, Jude was going for his football practice. He saw everyone planning something and asked, “What are you guys doing?” His sister Sylvia replied, “We are trying to clean up.” Jude said “Okay!” and left to hide so that he could sneak up on them.

Nelly his elder sister was baking a cake which she brought out of the oven after thirty minutes. She iced it with Sylvia while Jude’s club friends decorated the field in order to celebrate Jude’s birthday.

Nelly and Sylvia headed for the field with the cake and joined others in setting up the field after which they began looking for Jude but couldn’t find him. They searched everywhere and still could not find him but as Mark was entering Jude’s house which was close to the football field, he saw Jude hiding behind the window and spying on them.

Mark told him they had a surprise for him and they went back to the field. Jude’s friends all shouted “SURPRISE!!!” as they saw him, but Jude said “I am not surprise because I was spying on you guys.” His friends replied, “It’s okay,” so they went on to celebrate Jude’s birthday and have fun.

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