Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Williams. He was handsome, brilliant and kind-hearted. His parents were very rich and they enrolled him into one of the biggest schools in Nigeria. His parent and teachers loved him.

One day, Williams was graduating from primary to secondary school, as soon as they finished the event, Williams went back home. Two months later, Williams resumed school and so he continued his JSS1, JSS2, JSS3, SSS1, SSS2, and SSS3 and wrote his WAEC and graduated from the  secondary school. His parents were very excited.

Williams got admission into the university and was asked to resume on the 11th of January. Holiday passed and it was time for school. When Williams went to school, he saw a girl named Daniela. Daniela was so beautiful, brilliant and kind-hearted just like Williams. They both entered their class and were taught by a lecturer.

Two months later, it was time for test and they both prepared very well and passed the test. A month later, it was exam time and they prepared together and passed the exams and were promoted to the next level which was 200 level.

Williams and Daniela became friends and their friendship was very strong. They graduated to the next level as they resumed school. Daniela’s parents died in a car accident and Daniela stayed with her aunt and continued her university there.  She finished her university and did her master’s degree and served in the same place with Williams.

Williams and Daniela loved each other and later got married.



Clarence Adams


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